Why Invest with Ntaba Coffee Haus?

Ntaba Coffee Haus is a recession-resistant franchise — we expanded during the pandemic! One of the many differentiators between our model and our competitors is that we draw inspiration from our African roots.

Part of the African culture we bring with us is to truly make Ntaba Coffee Haus a center for community engagement and collaboration. Featuring and selling goods from local businesses, driving networking ideas and communication, and holding fast to our mission of helping others, infuses passion into every bean we roast and every cup we pour!


The Ntaba Coffee Haus vision reaches well beyond the borders of our country! Every cup of coffee we serve helps a child attend school in Africa, simultaneously giving direct support to coffee farmers! After one year in business, our franchise partners are invited on an African safari (just cover your airfare), where you meet your coffee farmers face-to-face and walk the very farms that supply your store. There is NO OTHER coffee house franchise that does this.


Beyond these life-giving driving forces, our model is built to support you and be a viable source of income for years to come! Coffee is a billion-dollar industry and Ntaba Coffee Haus has proven and positioned itself to successfully tap into this revenue. Our established vendor relationships give you purchasing power that saves you money! Our suppliers work with us to sell products that increase your profit margins and bolster your bottom line.


As an added revenue boost, our franchisees earn commission on every African safari they sell through our partner business, Ntaba African Safaris.