What Makes us Special?

All about our organic fresh coffee

Ntaba Coffee

Why do so many people love NTABA COFFEE?

It’s simple – we serve freshly-roasted, freshly-ground coffee in a welcoming, at-home environment!


After visiting coffee farms in Ethiopia, Ntaba Coffee Haus founders Robin and Stella Mountain were inspired to launch a unique, African-sourced coffee house.  Ntaba Coffee Haus is the only woman-owned coffee company in the US that exclusively roasts and sells African-grown coffee. Coffee is endemic to Africa — we bring in the raw, unadulterated bean in its purest form, ready to be roasted on our premises and served to our community.


Not only are we solely sourcing from African coffee farms, but we are intentional about maintaining close connections with every farmer we work with! Our founders’ second business, Ntaba African Safaris, ensures that our ties to Africa are closely maintained.


Ntaba Coffee Haus develops community at every level and every step of the process – from the coffee farm in Africa to local artist support in our Louisville, Kentucky locations. With every cup purchased, a farmer in East Africa benefits.


Now, through our unique brand, we are inviting franchisees to participate in the $4 billion coffee market while being a part of an ongoing mission to enhance the lives of others!

Today we offer our customers organic, direct trade, freshly-roasted coffee, sourced from the best coffee farms in Africa. Our South African and German heritage is reflected in the warm and welcoming environment of our Coffee Haus, providing customers with a selection of sweet and savory treats to accompany their favorite beverage.

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

When you take care of your community, they take care of you.

Our franchise owners are encouraged to get involved in their communities. We have found that this level of engagement and enthusiasm brings people to our locations and creates a relationship where people are excited to support our franchise owners because they know them.

When our customers visit the Coffee Haus, they’re welcomed with kindness, respect, and affection. It is this level of customer service that fosters loyalty, and ultimately, drives sales.